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I’m Andrea.

I am a typography nerd and mint chip ice cream enthusiast who is set to graduate with a BFA in graphic design from the School of Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology in May 2017. I am as meticulous and as much of a perfectionist as time will allow on projects, and I enjoy taking the lead on teams to help solve problems and find the perfect design solutions.

I am passionate about solving design puzzles and look forward to telling the stories of brands as an Art Director. I am a social media guru, entrepreneur, and pro iPhone photographer. I like to strategically think to find the best, well-rounded solution to a problem. This year, I am honored to be busy serving as the President of RIT Student Government.

Photos by Riley Joslin

I am a designer, passionate about telling stories through visual design. I am seeking to solve problems that push boundaries to create a more beautiful world through UI/UX, branding, and art direction.

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