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Project Brief

Farmraiser is reimagining the way that schools hold fundraisers. No more selling junk food, like frozen pizzas, cookie dough, candy bars, and popcorn. Student champions sell healthy products from local artisans. Farmraiser ensures that over 83% of the profits for each fundraiser stay in the community. Sell products like local honey, CSA Farm Fresh Baskets, farm-fresh eggs, flowers, and more for your next school fundraiser!

Project Categories

Research, Branding, Advertising, Social Media, UI/UX

The Logo

The logo needed to attract kids, parents, schools, and local farmers and artisans. By created a flexible logo, it allows for the illustration to be switched out, depending on the type of campaign, season, or target audience.

The Website 

The desktop website for Farmraiser has three very distinct audiences:

  • Schools looking to host a campaign
  • Farmers searching to sell their products
  • Family and friends hoping to support a campaign.

The tiered navigation meant that all three of these audiences could easily find the campaign they were looking for. 

Mobile and Tablet Selling Apps

Student Champions have the ability to sell their fundraising products through their mobile phones and tablets. Through the Farmraiser app, students can access games to learn about farming and sustainability, campaign tracking, to see how they stack up against their friends, and their online Marketplace, which they can open and sell products for their fundraiser. This is bringing fundraising into the 21st century!

No Device? No Problem.

Student Champions without devices can still participate in Farmraisers. A custom order form is automatically generated online with the products for the schools’ fundraiser. Simply take the order form and customers can make purchases online.

Direct Mailers for Schools

A unique direct mailer that incorporates the concepts for farms and plant growing, as well as the money raised in a campaign growing and hitting the goal. This is intended to be mailed to school administrators.

Unique Postcards for Families

Using plantable paper that is a biodegradable eco-paper embedded with seeds. Just plant the postcard in soil, add water and sunlight and plants will grow. This reinforces Farmraiser’s push for sustainability.

Social Media
Facebook Advertisements

Grabbing the attention of parents, PTO Presidents, teacher, and school principals alike.

How-to Videos

Show fun activities that parents can do with Farmraiser products. Fun and healthy for kids!

Advertise App

Illustrating how the app is easy for kids to become salespeople and raise their own money for the campaign.

Farmraiser: Sustainable Fundraising

Andrea is a designer based in Denver, Colorado. Her work combines a background in graphic design with technology & user-centered design thinking.

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