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Project Brief

RIT students use a variety of different transportation options, but many students misunderstand some of the current systems and options. Current communication of the different options is weak. By explaining options to students, we can improve the use of all of the current transportation offerings.

By making the user feel comfortable and secure on the transportation systems, they are more likely to get higher usage. The system will help navigate complicated systems by prompting things like when the bus is about to arrive, or when your stop is coming up. It also helps students identify routes and transportation options to locations around Rochester based on the weather, travel cost, distance, and time.

Project Categories

Research, UI/UX

Project Collaborators

Christina Thorpe
Shahd Zubier

Desktop Features

The desktop website of Go RIT is an informational site that provides an overview of all of the transportation options at RIT. A great resource for an incoming student or parent, or the student that doesn’t need guidance on their way…just an overview of schedules for the day or their various transportation options.


Each user can bookmark their most visited locations, as well as mark their preferred method of transportation.

Set Notifications

Nothing is worse than getting caught up in the library and missing your bus. You can use the app to set notifications for your bus!

Find the Best Way

Not sure what your best transportation option is? Using the distance, weather, travel time and cost, Go RIT suggests the best ones.

Go RIT – A Transportation Application

Andrea is a designer based in Denver, Colorado. Her work combines a background in graphic design with technology & user-centered design thinking.

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