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Make Cents

Project Brief

Finances are confusing. The terms, paperwork, concept of saving, finding ways to budget money, investing, and even paying off debt are all really confusing. While many people fall victim to this confusion, high schoolers, college students, and recent grads are especially at-risk.

The Solution? Create an app with an easy-to-access database of personal finance information. Take the complicated concepts and simplify them into easily digestible bits of information. It’s the perfect tool to get someone started managing their personal finances.

Project Categories

Research, UI/UX, Advertising

The Application


Creating your first budget is a hard task…especially when many college-aged students live paycheck-to-paycheck. In budgeting, you want to talk about the following: 50% of a budget should go to needs – housing, utilities, food. 30% to wants  eating out, memberships, vacations, entertainment and 20% to financial obligations – debt, retirement


How do credit and debit cards work? 

What are strategies for paying off bills?

These are both common questions asked. Make Cents seeks to illustrate concepts like how paying off more than the minimum payment each month can save you a lot of money over time.


Make Cents wants to take the idea of investments (and letting them sit over time) and show how that money can grow when it is invested. 

($5,000 @ 5% = $6,700) – one time investment = Profit of $1,700

8% Return + $10,000 + 10 years = $20,000 That’s $10,000 of profit over 10 years!


Ah, taxes. While every has to do them, most of the people surveyed, feel like they don’t understand the process of doing taxes, know deadlines, or understand any of the paperwork. Make Cents is a great place to start, and it can direct you to other services to help you execute the process, if you decide to do your taxes yourself. 

The Lingo

There’s nothing worse than going into a bank and hearing them talk about “dividends” and “principle” and you have no idea what they are talking about. That’s why Make Cents has a built-in glossary of all of the most common finance terms. Better yet, throughout the app, clicking on a colored word will show you that definition on the spot.


The Campaign

The advertising for Make Cents needed to grab the attention of busy college students and recent grads, but also approach finance in a non-threatening way. No one really wants to talk about it…so by using acronyms such as WTF, FWB, FML, and IDGAF, we are able to grab the attention of millennials in by speaking their language…then reminding them that the “F” really stands for Finance.

Andrea is a designer based in Denver, Colorado. Her work combines a background in graphic design with technology & user-centered design thinking.

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