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Pocket Plot

Project Brief

Younger generations are hesitant to go into farming because of the low financial reward for a high amount of effort. While hesitant in many cases, most younger farmers are very interested in integrating new technologies into farming—but there is currently a lack of technology for start-up farmers.

Create a more efficient farming experience for small farmers, making farming a more viable and appealing career for millennial farmers. The experience must enhance the tactile way farmers currently tracking information and turn it into a more holistic and integrated experience.

Project Categories

Research, UI/UX, Animation

Project Collaborators

Mimi Ace and Tori Bonagura

Crop it. Log it. Pocket.

A smarter way to manage your small farm.

Smart Paper

Many farmers track notes down by hand— but the notes are often misplaced or never looked at again. Smart paper allows farmers used to handwritten notes to smoothly transition into digital note keeping. Farmers can find the smart paper templates on the Pocket Plot website and print the pages out themselves, choosing to print only what information they wish to record.

Farming Mode

As a farmer, you are probably not always able to pull your phone out on command. By putting your phone in Farming Mode, Pocket Plot uses a hands-off technology that listens to your voice commands to make your farm management easy. 

Farming Mode can also help farmers maintain a work/life balance. Farmers and farm workers can set timers for the amount of time they’ll be in the field, or create a daily farming schedule so that Pocket Plot knows when to send you relevant farming notifications. 


The most important thing on the farm is the thing that brings in the money—the crops. You can view crops by seasons, or in a Gantt chart view, which allows farmers to comprehensively plan all of their upcoming steps. While functionality is strong on the mobile device, it is enhanced even more on the desktop app version.


A data-heavy touchpoint, the Pocket Plot desktop app augments your mobile experience by showing individual charts, graphs, and datasets for each individual crop on the farm. Compare different varieties of each crop, and attach attributes of each one. It also tracks things like soil conditions, water usage, energy usage, pest management, harvesting, and more.

Pocket Plot

Crop it. Log it. Pocket.

Andrea is a designer based in Denver, Colorado. Her work combines a background in graphic design with technology & user-centered design thinking.

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