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Project Brief

smARTS seeks to inspire and influence kids through the arts. By providing diverse artistic opportunities, kids are encouraged to give back to their communities in creative and imaginative ways.

smARTS values the creative spark that ignites children’s imaginations and encourages the joys of self-expression, and which can be given back to the community with that same pride and delight. Arts education promotes creativity, social development, personality adjustment, and self-worth. They are instrumental in closing the gap between high and low-income students’ academic achievement.

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Create & Inspire All Summer

smARTS Summer Camp programming includes Theater Arts, Music (Band, Orchestra, Chorus), Culinary Arts, Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, pottery, design, photography, film), Creative Writing, Dance.

These are all areas at risk to be cut from offerings at inner-city schools due to budget cuts.

The Logo

A versatile logo, smARTS was designed to be flexible and promote creativity among the various arts programs and disciplines offered. Each discipline has its own logo and color scheme, making theme very distinct.

The App

The smARTS App focuses on the Student Showcase of work created in the program and a quick way to access the event schedule for the other programs. You can browse through work created by students in the Visual Arts programs, or read selections of stories written in creative writing.

One of the main purposes of the app is to help show students that their work can (and should) be shared with the world!

The Website

The website provides an overview of the smARTS programs, classes that you can take, event and recital schedules and an up-to-date place to find what’s being sold on the food cart, view featured writers and more!

The website provides information to prospective parents and students. It also helps connect community members who are interested in supporting the arts programs.


The goal of the collateral pieces was the advertise the program in a fun and cohesive way while keeping the originality and uniqueness of each program offering in each piece. From the blue performance posters to the bright green culinary exhibition, to the vibrant purple concert pamphlets, these pieces showcase the kids’ work in a fun way.

Social Media

The social media pages for smARTS have to showcase what the students are doing, the fun that you have at camp, but also help drive and bring in donations to help run and sustain the camp. smARTS will primarily utilize Facebook and Instagram pages but will also have a presence on Pinterest.

Create & Inspire All Summer with smARTS summer camp! 

Andrea is a designer based in Denver, Colorado. Her work combines a background in graphic design with technology & user-centered design thinking.

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